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Volkswagen DSG gearbox rebuilds, Audi DSG gearbox rebuilds, Skoda DSG gearbox rebuilds. Looking for Volkswagen Automative Group VAG DSG gearbox repair or rebuilds. Le Mans Woolloongabba specialises in DSG gearbox repair from 100 Deshon Street Woolloongabba. For DSG gearbox repair in Brisbane give Aaron a call to discuss the repair options available on 3726 9544.

We specialise in DSG gearbox Rebuilds and repairs. Our mechanics are training in Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda gearbox rebuilds. Gearbox rebuilds are performed at our Le Mans Woolloongabba branch. We have all the latest DSG Gearbox equipment as well as ten hoists and over 1000 square metres of mechanical workshop. Please ring Aaron at LeMans Wooloongabba to discuss DSG Geabox repair options on 3726 9544.


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DSG Gearbox Repair and Rebuilds Brisbane


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